Security: The Vital Element Of The Internet Of Things

Category: Cyber Security   |   Presented By: Forrester Consulting

The intelligent connectivity of physical devices — known more popularly as the Internet of Things (IoT) —is rapidly increasing productivity and levels of communication and enabling numerous functions across organizations worldwide. Unfortunately, organizations’ lack of understanding of IoT’s specific security requirements hinders its growth potential. As such, an organization can only reap the promise of IoT’s benefits if it thinks of the security element as a vital component of implementation.
In November 2014, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a research study to understand the current and future security issues facing enterprise and government organizations in the IoT market. This study focused on addressing the following objectives: 1) discovering what types of IoT devices and applications enterprises are deploying now and in three to five years; 2) what types of technologies organizations are using to enable IoT solutions; 3) what types of security issues organizations face as they pursue IoT solutions; and 4) understanding how the risks associated with IoT will progress over the next five years.

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