WeSecureApp: Ensuring Watertight Security of Businesses with Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

CIO Vendor The cybersecurity space in the Indian market is witnessing unprecedented maturity, thanks to rapid digital transformation and the adoption of cloud-based technologies across industries. Currently, for businesses including startups, SMEs, and even established businesses, irrespective of their business domain, security has become a checkbox. They are endeavoring to ensure basic to high levels of security of data and operations in their companies for seamless business processes and outcomes. Founded in 2016, WeSecureApp, one of the most promising enterprise security companies, acts as a partner to businesses and ensures top-notch security of their enterprise-wide solutions with efficacy. 'There has been a paradigm shift in respect to compliance across organizations. Having solutions that uplift the cybersecurity of any business has become inevitable,' says Venu Rao, CEO, WeSecureApp.

The journey of WeSecureApp to becoming one of the most trusted security solution partners in the country has been enthralling. Once started as just an application security company, it has moved its value chain and is currently offering customers with comprehensive solutions that involve end-to-end network, infrastructure, application and cloud security.

With in-depth research and open communication, the company leaves no stone unturned in understanding a client's security requirements and assessments. It studies how security is acting as a roadblock for its client’s business growth and thus designs a security roadmap helping them in creating milestones in terms of what they aim to achieve in the coming months. Once the security roadmap is curated, the company implements its advanced solutions.
Be it a funded start-up or a large enterprise company, WeSecureApp understands the objective behind the security implementation and accordingly provides consulting, advisory solutions. The company adheres to industry standards of OWASP TOP 10, SANS 25, NIST and other frameworks while conducting a client's security assessment and thus strategies an effective business security plan for them. This augments transparency and trust and thus paves way for seamless business association between the service provider and clients.

'We have been providing handholding support to our clients and boosting their journey towards watertight business security. Our unmatched knowledge in the arena of securing businesses from cyber threats has helped us emerge as one of the most trusted cybersecurity solution providers in the country,' says Venu Rao, CEO, WeSecureApp.

We have been providing handholding support to our clients boosting their journey towards watertight business security

With its sheer expertise, WeSecureApp has worked with more than 150 global customers, with more than 80% signing up for annual subscriptions. This validates the trust that the company could build in the market. In late 2019, the company launched its path breaking product Strobes, a SaaS-based risk-centred vulnerability management platform that aggregates, de-duplicates and auto prioritize vulnerabilities for predictive patching and improves the security health index of companies. In the same year it also participated in the RSA Singapore event and won the RSA Launchpad Award among many other awards that they bagged in the coming months.

Started with just five employees the company has grown manifolds and now works with a whopping number of 60 plus employees. Currently, the company is witnessing 70-80 percent revenue growth YOY. "We want to grow our business further by reaching out to prospective partners in the APJ market who can help us in implementing our solutions in more and more companies both domestically and internationally," concludes Venu Rao, CEO, WeSecureApp.